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Hebrew Health Care is a leading geriatric health care provider, offering a complete continuum of care to older residents of the Greater Hartford community. Hebrew Health Care is non-sectarian in all of its programs, and welcomes people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. Programs are offered in an Orthodox Jewish environment, providing Kosher food and voluntary observance of religious customs. Hebrew Health Care is comprised of five service affiliates:

Through these affiliates, Hebrew Health Care offers long-term skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation, geriatric medical hospital care, behavioral health hospital care, independent living with assistance, home health care, adult day centers, and outpatient medical and therapy services.

The staff at all five Hebrew Health Care affiliates are committed to practicing what we call GeriCentric Care. This approach to meeting the health care needs of seniors starts with our recognition that seniors are not in a "winding down" period of their lives, just at a different stage of life. Our 10 Keys to Successful Aging provides insights to help seniors reach their full potential during this stage of life.

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Hebrew Health Care acknowledges with appreciation an annual allocation from the
Jewish FEderation of Hartford